THE JANUS IMAGE by Robert VanDeventer – Janus was the Greek god who could look both ways at once and, if this deity really needs a new image, Marvin Mercer – some call him “Mr. Iconoplast” – might well get the call. Mercer is a former pro wrestler who – some insist – will burnish your image for a serious fee – except that he flatly denies he does any such thing! No. He sells serious deals on classic cars – and that’s all! His daughter, Nellie, tries to believe him. She’s a junior at Penn and is sure that this “Mr. Iconoplast” business is Baloney 101. Trouble is, she’s facing a spring break of total boredom. He’s facing a fiscal crisis with his used car lot. What better solution for each than a quick about face? Which means they get themselves roped into twin searches for hire – hers at the Jersey shore for a lost mother (who wants to stay lost), his for the image of Philly baseball (with murders just foul). Two villains to capture. Two paths cross and diverge. Sometimes in fury, sometimes in harmony – sometimes together and sometimes alone – they deal with such dangers as pitchforks, black jacks, bullets, and canoes. And, in the end, with reflective verse brushing both their minds, they seem to find both evildoers on the same stage.