CONS OF THE ROCK -- excerpts

Nobody ever knew that Camelot lurked behind Alcatraz' most famous escape!


Hunter read from the clipboard. “The food here. Do you like it or not?”

Morgan was bored. “It’s acceptable. As if we have choice.” He smirked again. “I especially like the pickled pigs feet.”

“Are you, or have you ever been, abused by the guards?”

“I wouldn’t call it abuse.”

“What would you call it?”

“Lack of benign neglect.” His head tilted slightly. “Do you really want plain answers to these queries, or are you expecting smart ass retorts?”

“I suppose you have something more scintillating in mind in the way of interrogations.”

“There’s nothing scintillating on Alcatraz. Not even the prohibited promise of the open air. By the time it crawls across the bay to this island, it’s become as cramped as we are.”


Jerry Sacks’s mind was his own, but how much of it would be lent to the United States Department of Justice?

“I think I can assure your lungs peace of mind. If you’ll pardon my organic metaphor,” the Doctor said.

Sacks was also frowning. “Damn it, Doctor. I’m still not sure.”

Both stayed silent. Finally, the doctor inquired, “All right. I’ll ask it– why aren’t you sure?”

“I don’t know.... the overall purpose – I might come to like these guys.” He scrunched around in the chair, then swiveled it all the way around. “I just wouldn’t want to be a part of finding out somebody’s going to make an escape from Alcatraz and I’m the guy who gets them caught. I understand your needs.”

“My friend, you do not understand at all. You see, we don’t want them to get caught. We want them to succeed.”

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