On assignment at a Florida resort hotel, public relations man Carlton Torrance messes up everything and is “promoted”. That’s the euphemism he uses for the word “fired.” Knowing that his wife will say, “Not again,” he must sneak home to New Jersey to break it to her gently. But on the trip north he messes up as well. A lecherous aviator, a crass comedian, a mercenary midget, a club of lonely hearts, a pragmatic magistrate, two futile lovers, and an old friend in a bitter surprise all fail him, or he fails them. It’s hard to know which, since he just keeps on trying. You’ll keep on laughing, and shaking your head in dismay. And, while you do, you may also discover something else about the book — an extra enigma you may never discover at all.

Published 2003 by PublishAmerica Book Publishers
(out of print)