From flashing females to an army of Donald Ducks, little orphan Anna is a rollicking, delightful adventure, where love is always just around the corner, and the police are always just around the bend. Anna Donna Devon's world becomes a sexy, twisted Wonderland, where traps and rabbit holes will grab your heart to leave you laughing and breathless. She takes a journey of desperation, full of daring escapes, missing heiresses, dirty politics, raging snow storms, murder, mayhem---and stolen boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Travel with her as she goes from the height of luxury in the soaring castles of Manhattan--to the depths of destitution in the lowly swamps of Florida, where Anna finally discovers just what she's looking for...and the world discovers her. And in the end...well, that's anybody's guess.

Published 2007 by StoneGarden.net Publishing
(out of print)