“Step right up, radio listeners. He’s Bobby McGuire, our amazing fourteen-year-old schoolboy.” In early 1946 Bobby became the first kid ever to appear with adults on a weekly radio quiz show. Although it probably changed his life, it hardly brought him fame, fortune, and swooning girls. No. Fame did not extend to Princeton High School. He never saw any of the money. And girls were still as novel to him as shaving cream.

So, come back with us now to a simpler time in the annals of both entertainment and adolescence. A time when kids went out to play without their parents and when high school students were kids rather than young adults. See our young hero try to survive both pressures of showbiz in New York and disasters with teenage girls at home. He may have blundered along in trying to survive both, but he also had adventures that kids of today could never accept.

Published in the USA 2007 by Bear Manor Media
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